Southern Angels

The story begins in Epifani's San Vito dei Normanni, passes through Peppe Barra's secret Naples, that of Tony Esposito's inventions, Nicola Vorelli's white voice, rockers of the seventies then to the Gargano of the singers of Carpino, for Rome and for the traditions of lower Lazio. It is through this slender plot and the use of three different languages, namely music, fiction and documentary, that this film tells the fascinating world that surrounds Eugene and the popular music of the author. His refined concerts attended by thousands of people today, his refined verses collide therefore with the lightness of the comedy and the grotesque, but also with the brilliant folly of still unknown artists and the confessions of those already established, thus creating an interesting short circuit and a pressing rhythm made of contrasts, which are always good for the show.
Director Bruno Colella
Cast Eugenio Bennato, Pino D’Angiò, Tullio de Piscopo, Peppe Barra, Mimmo Epifani, Camillo De Felice, Franchetto Minopoli, Pietra Montecorvino, Antonio Piccinino, Marco Tornese, Nicola Vorelli, e con la partecipazione di Alessandro Haber
Script Bruno Colella
Production Cine 1 Italia
Country Italy
Year 2019

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