Harold Cooper and Michelle Meyer are British reporters who run a YouTube channel on paranormal phenomena. They are contacted by Damiano De Loi, 35 years old who lives in Italy in the municipality of Rocca Canterano. Damiano suffers from atrocious sleep disturbances, the most recurrent is the fade out in which the real and hallucinatory plan overlap giving rise to hypnagogic paralysis. Harold and Michelle agree with Lisa Picone, a reporter who will assist him and leave for Rocca Canterano, where they discover that Damiano De Loi has disappeared. Investigating they discover that Damiano does not suffer from sleepwalking but is owned by a girl who disappeared from the village a few years earlier together with 35 other children, sacrificed by a sect formed in honor of a nobleman who began the massacre of children two centuries earlier. Now the last sacrifice is missing and reporters are the only ones who can prevent it.
Director Mirko Virgili
Cast Jennifer Mischiati, Mark Johnson, Martina Tonarelli, Luca Di Giovanni
Script Filippo Santaniello, Mirko Virgili, Salvatore Lizzio
Production Cine 1 Italia
Country Italy
Year 2019

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